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Occupant agrees not to store collectibles, heirlooms, jewelry, works of art or any property having special or sentimental value to Occupant. Occupant waives any claim for emotional or sentimental attachment to the stored property. There shall be NO HABITABLE OCCUPANCY of the Space by humans or pets of any kind for any period whatsoever and violation of these prohibitions shall be grounds for immediate termination of this Agreement. The storage of food or any perishable goods as well as any cooking or heating in the Space is strictly prohibited. Unless otherwise agreed to in writing with Operator, Occupant agrees not to conduct any business out of the Space and further agrees that the Space is not to be used for any type of work shop, for any type of repairs, or for any sales, renovations, decoration, painting, or other contracting. Occupant is strictly prohibited from storing or using materials or waste in the Space or at the Facility classified as hazardous or toxic under any law, ordinance or regulation, or from engaging in any activity which produces such materials. Occupant is also strictly prohibited from storing contraband in the Space. Operator, at Occupant’s sole expense, may enter the Space at any time to remove and dispose of prohibited items.

If your desired move-in date is not available, please call and speak with a manager.

*Your rental rate may not display the discounted price, this will be manually changed when you come in to complete your rental. Other restrictions on discounts may apply.  Discount taken at time of rental. Contact us for full details.

Storage Unit Summary

Triangle Self Storage

18310 Jefferson Davis Highway

Triangle, VA 22172

Unit Selected

Unit Type: 7.5 x 20

Monthly Rent:$151.00/month

Special: 1st Month Free


Rent Now Price: $0.00

Admin Fee: $26.00

Insurance Fee: $16.00

TOTAL DUE: $42.00

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