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Climate Controlled Storage in New Market, MD

While all of our ground floor storage units offer meticulously clean spaces offering excellent protection from the elements, some items benefit from an extra layer of environmental care. For heirlooms, wooden furniture, artwork, and electronics, a climate-controlled storage unit at New Market Mini Storage provides an ideal solution. Seasonal temperatures in Maryland can fluctuate widely, with the mercury soaring in the summer and winter temperatures that dip well below freezing. Humidity levels vary as well and can affect materials that are more sensitive to atmospheric change. Our climate-controlled units stabilize the interior temperature and humidity level so that items made of vulnerable materials keep their shape and function.

If you are not quite sure whether or not you need the advantage of climate control, ask one of our team members for assistance. Typical items that benefit include business records, vinyl record collections, artwork, fine furniture, leather goods, musical instruments, and electronics. In addition to a stable environment for your items, a climate-controlled unit lets you access your belongings in comfort, no matter what the weather has in store.

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