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Climate Controlled Storage

You might be wondering if climate control is the right choice for your storage unit needs, and we can help. Whether you need climate control depends on factors like what you are planning to store and for how long. Climate-controlled units keep the temperature of your unit within a consistent range year-round. This is particularly beneficial if you are planning to store items that are susceptible to the effects of temperature fluctuations. In short, climate-controlled units will help keep your belongings unaffected by the cold winters and humid summers that occur in Maryland. Certain items are affected by temperature swings the most – those made of wood, electronic equipment, wine, upholstered items, and documents. As an added advantage, when you lease a climate-controlled unit you can enjoy the comfort of a stable atmosphere when you access your storage space, no matter what Mother Nature has in store.

Give your sensitive items the extra protection they need to maintain their integrity. Reserve a climate-controlled storage at Odenton Self Storage today.

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