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Climate-Controlled Storage

At Westlake Self Storage, we want to help you choose the storage unit that best suits your needs. While climate control may not be essential to every storage situation, a climate-controlled unit can be very beneficial when you are storing items that are sensitive to fluctuations in temperature and humidity levels. How do you know if a more stable environment is what you need? Wood, paper, leather, and metal can expand and contract with atmospheric changes, losing their strength, beauty, and function over time. Items that can lose integrity in the extreme humidity of a Maryland summer or the freezing temperatures of a blustery Waldorf winter include wood furniture, photographs, vinyl record and CD collections, electronic equipment, collectibles, musical instruments, and business records.

If you will be storing items for the long term, climate control adds an extra layer of protection and peace of mind. Since climate control units maintain temperatures and humidity within a determined range, your belongings will not be subjected to those extremes.

Make a reservation for your climate-controlled storage unit online, or contact us to learn more about your storage options at Westlake Self Storage in Waldorf, MD.

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