Self Storage Plus offering climate-controlled storage

Climate Controlled Storage Solutions

At Self Storage Plus, we want to help you keep your items in the same condition as they arrived. To protect your temperature and humidity sensitive items from the hot Virginia summers and cold winters, we are pleased to provide climate controlled storage units for rent in Sterling, VA. These units maintain temperature within a range that protects your belongings from being compromised by temperature extremes. Humidity is also kept at a constant balance to provide your belongings with an ideal environment year-round.

Climate controlled units are ideal for storing anything that is temperature or moisture sensitive, such as leather or wood furniture, clothes and linens, electronics, or musical instruments. Business owners will also appreciate this extra level of care for important documents, printed promotional materials, photographs, or pharmaceutical products. At Self Storage Plus, we care about your belongings as much you do and will go the extra mile to ensure they are getting the level of care they deserve.

Unsure if climate controlled storage is right for your items? Call and speak with our friendly and knowledgeable storage professionals, who have years of experience in the self storage industry and will gladly help you find the storage solution that is perfect for your unique situation.

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