Self Storage Plus storage guide

Storage Guide

When placing your belongings in storage you will need to consider how to optimize your storage space to get the best value. This will depend on what you are storing, how long you intend to store, and what access you will need to the items while they are in storage. Fortunately, our knowledgeable staff of self-storage professionals are ready to help you determine the best size storage space, and help you maximize the space for your needs.

Determining your Storage Needs:

Many of our Self Storage Plus locations offer different types of storage solutions to suit your needs. Choosing the right type of storage for your needs can help save you money, improve your access and protect your items. The types of items that you are putting in storage and how long you intend to store them may determine the type of storage option that you should be considering.

For example, if you will be storing paper records such as office files or books, these items are sensitive to temperature and humidity. They can degrade overtime unless they are kept at a constant temperature so you would want to store them in a climate controlled storage space. By contrast your patio furniture and your children’s play set can withstand temperature changes and could be stored in one of our standard interior storage spaces, or in one of our drive up storage spaces. If you are cost sensitive, you could save money if a standard non-climate controlled interior storage space is available; however, if you are more concerned with ease of access, our drive up storage space will be your best bet for your seasonal items. Our dedicated team is ready to help take the guesswork out of storage options.

Determining the Right Size:

Once our staff has helped you to determine the best storage solution for your needs, they will consider the volume of things you will be storing, to determine the best size for your needs. With their years of experience in the storage industry our staff is able to determine the amount of space needed for 100 boxes of records, as opposed to the furniture and boxes from a college dorm, a household full of furniture, or a vehicle.

They will consider whether you will be leaving your items in storage without a need to access them, accessing and retrieving items frequently, need room for future growth or room to easily maneuver and restock your business inventory. This will help them to suggest the best storage unit size for your belongings and your access needs.

For example, if you are storing your office files in boxes as permanent record storage, you may need to organize them on shelves with a walkable aisle. This will allow you to move about within the storage unit with ease. However, if you are storing your full household of furniture before your new home is ready, without a need to access anything until you are ready to move, you will be able to use more of the floor space to truly pack the storage unit.

Helping you to Maximize the Storage Space:

Now that you know what type of storage space you need, and the size that best suits your storage use, our team will be able to suggest ways to maximize that storage space.

From their years of experience in the storage industry, our staff will recommend:

  • Store mattresses standing on their ends against a wall to better utilize the height of the storage space.
  • When storing dining room tables with removable legs, remove the legs to store the table on its side to maximize floor space. If the legs cannot be removed, store boxes under the table and dining room chairs upside down with their seats on the table top.
  • Store sofas on their end to utilize the height of the storage space.
  • When storing appliances ensure that they are fully clean and dry and prop their doors open for optimal ventilation.
  • Stack boxes to fully utilize the height of your unit, placing like sized boxes on top of each other, with heavier boxes on the bottom.
  • Consider using shelving along the perimeter of your storage space, if you will be storing items like holiday decorations and seasonal items. You will be able to access items you need easily without having to unstack a tower of boxes to get to them.
  • When storing records or inventory, store them in the order you will likely access them. If your records are used by year make sure the boxes are organized by year as you place them into storage.