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5 Basement Organization Ideas

A clean and organized basement

In many houses, the basement is considered a catch all location for bins of seasonal decorations, old clothes, furniture and more. As time goes on, your basement may become more cluttered than you’d like. Are you looking to get your basement organized once and for all? Try out these simple tips below.

Basement Organization Storage Ideas for an Organized Home

  1. Sort through all items: To get a good idea of everything you have stored in your basement, pull everything out of your storage bins and everything off of the shelves. This will help you to easily identify if there are items that are duplicates or items you no longer need. Once all items are out, sort through everything to determine what stays and what goes. Any item that hasn’t been used in a few years, is damaged or unwanted should be donated, sold or disposed of.
  2. Move commonly used items to an easily accessible area: To make it easier to find commonly used items, move them closer to the entrance of the basement. This will prevent you from having to sort through bins and boxes to find items that are used often.
  3. Get creative with unused space: Take a good look at the storage space in your basement. If there’s underutilized areas, consider adding storage options.
  4. Use storage bins: To keep similar items together, use storage bins to declutter your basement. Plastic storage bins will also help to protect your belongings from damaged caused by dust or dirt. To make it easier to find your belongings inside of specific bins, label the outside of the bin with a list of contents.
  5. Add shelving and hooks: To add more storage space to your basement, add shelving or hooks to the wall. Hooks can be used to hang bags and other items to keep them from cluttering floor space. Shelves can be used to hold bins and boxes.

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