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Packing & Storage Guide

Whether you are packing for a move, or packing items to ship or store, proper planning and high quality packing materials are key. Our knowledgeable storage professionals are available to assist you with advice on how to best pack for your specific needs.

Ensuring Proper Protection:

If your belongings are worth keeping, they are worth protecting. The best way to do so is to use high quality packing materials. Whether you are moving, shipping or storing your belongings, you will want to avoid having them damaged in the process.

Self Storage Plus offers a wide arrange of boxes and packing supplies available for sale in our leasing offices. Our packing and storage professionals are ready and able to help you select the right materials for your individual needs. We offer moving blankets, bubble wrap, newsprint, specialized glassware and dishware foam kits, packing peanuts and specialized covers for your fabric furniture, to name just a few.

Protecting Furniture:

  1. Mattresses, easy chairs and sofas can be covered with specialized bags that keep them clean and dry while moving.
  2. Wood and glass furniture should be wrapped in bubble wrap or moving blankets. If legs can be removed from tables they should be separated to conserve space and protect the furniture on the moving truck. Removed legs can be wrapped in bubble wrap and shrink-wrapped to keep all components together. Take apart any removable shelves from cabinets, protect glass cabinet fronts with cardboard shrink-wrapped to the face of the cabinet, and wrap the outer portion in a high quality moving blanket to safeguard it from dings while in transition.
  3. Beds should be disassembled, securing bed rails together and marking the pieces for easier assembly later. Wrap headboards and footboards individually with moving blankets. Cover mattresses with specialized mattress covers to keep them clean during storage.
  4. When disassembling furniture remember to pack nuts, bolts, and screws for that piece of furniture in a plastic bag or folded into a piece of paper. Clearly label the outside, so that you can match it with the associated furniture later.

Protecting Lamps and Décor Items:

  1. Lamp bases should be protected with bubble wrap, especially if they are made of metal, ceramic or glass. Removable lamp shades should be seperated for added stability. Lampshades can be stacked and placed in either a box or plastic bag for transportation. Wrapped lamp bases should be placed in boxes for added protection.
  2. Mirrors and pictures should be wrapped in bubble wrap, foam wrap or newsprint. Be careful of hooks on the back of frames when attempting to stack pictures, or lean pictures against each other as they could damage other items. Larger mirrors or pieces of artwork should be placed in specialized mirror boxes after being wrapped for an extra layer of protection.
  3. Collectibles including vases and figurines should be wrapped individually in newsprint. They should be placed in small boxes with packing peanuts further insulating each item. Do not try to fit too many collectibles in one box, they will need the peanuts to ensure they do not shift or damage each other during the move.

Protecting Dishes and Serving Pieces:

  1. Dishes should be wrapped individually using newsprint or foam sleeves from one of our custom glassware/dishware kits. The kits include cardboard dividers as well as glassware or dishware sleeves for an extra barrier. They are made to fit in our small boxes which helps to ensure that they are not packed too heavy to transport.
  2. Pitchers should have their handles protected with bubble wrap, newsprint or foam wrap, before fully wrapping the exterior. Pitchers should be boxed, like vases and collectibles, in small boxes with a layer of packing peanuts to insulate multiple items in the same box from each other.
  3. Platters, serving bowls and serving trays should be wrapped individually in bubble wrap or newsprint. Multiple platters or bowls placed in the same box, should also be protected with a layer of packing peanuts surrounding each item.

Protecting Electronics:

  1. Wrap televisions and computer monitors carefully, placing the wrapped items in specialized boxes for added cushioning while moving.
  2. Wrap electronic devices in bubble wrap or cushion foam. Bundle any cords to the devices and tape them to the outside of the wrapped device so that all components stay together for easy reassembly. Box the wrapped devices for added protection.

Packing Like a Pro:

Soft Housewares:

  1. Blankets and quilts can be placed in larger boxes that accommodate their loftiness.
  2. Pillows can be shrink wrapped into empty dresser or cabinet drawers to help protect the drawers while moving. They can also be placed in the drum of dry washers and dryers for moving or storage.
  3. Area rugs should be vacuumed, rolled up and shrink wrapped in two to three places along the length (depending on the size of the rug) to ensure they do not unroll during the move.
  4. Books should be packed laying flat in smaller boxes. This will protect their spines and ensure that you can lift the filled boxes.


  1. Hanging clothes can be grouped in bundles in bags from the dry cleaner, and boxed in specialized wardrobe boxes with hanging bars to ensure easy unpacking and that they retain their pressed finish.
  2. Folded clothes can be packed in boxes, trunks, plastic tubs or in empty suitcases.


  1. Small appliances like stand mixers, sewing machines, microwaves, coffee pots, blenders and juicers should be cleaned, dried, wrapped in newsprint, bubble wrap or foam wrap and boxed individually top fit the size of the appliance.
  2. Large appliances such as refrigerators, washers and dryers, should be thoroughly cleaned and dried prior to packing. Secure movable parts and pull out any removable shelves. The doors should then be shrink wrapped or taped closed to avoid damage during the move, but should be opened for proper ventilation if they will be placed in storage after the move.

General Tricks of the Trade:

  1. Use high quality packing materials including durable tape and corrugated boxes to keep your belongings. A good box adds that extra layer of padding in its well supported construction and quality tape avoids the hassle of splitting during use.
  2. Use the right size box for the item you are packing. A box that is too large for the item it is holding can become unstable, while a box that is overfilled can bulge and become hard to stack and conserve space.
  3. Keep in mind the weight of the filled box. It may seem like a great idea to have fewer boxes, but packing them full could make them too heavy for you to carry.
  4. Label your boxes and wrapped items to make it easier to identify where items are. If you are moving, it may also help to label them with the room they should be placed in once they arrive at your new home. This will save you from having to move items again after your movers leave.
  5. Label boxes holding delicate or breakable items as “fragile”. This will remind you to handle them carefully, and to avoid stacking heavier boxes on top of them.

Packing Supplies:

Self Storage Plus is your one-stop-shop for all things packing and moving. In addition to offering well-maintained storage units for rent, we also sell boxes, locks, and other packing supplies onsite in our moving supply store. Whether you need to purchase boxes, covers and packing materials to store your belongings with us, boxes to ship gifts or care package to loved ones, are looking for covers to protect your furniture during a remodel, or simply need a lock to secure your storage unit, we have it all right here in our leasing office. Do you need help selecting the right supplies for your next project? At Self Storage Plus, our staff of self storage experts is happy to help. Simply tell us your plan and we’ll be happy to provide a full list of the supplies you will need to pack, store, or move successfully. Give us a call to learn more about our inventory of packing supplies for sale.

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