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Health Benefits of Decluttering Your Home

Health Benefits of Decluttering Your Home

You want your home to be a happy, healthy sanctuary. If you notice that your home contains an unhealthy amount of clutter, you may be interested to know that the clutter in your home can cause a health hinderance. Believe it or not, the benefits of decluttering your home can directly and indirectly affect your health. In this article, we’ll discuss some of the health and wellness benefits of decluttering your space.

5 Decluttering Tips

  1. Lessen clutter for better breathing.

Clutter collects dust because it creates extra surface area in our homes. And with excess surface area comes excess dust. It may not seem like a huge issue, but the length of your exposure to dust directly correlates with the amount of damage to your health. If you have a respiratory issue such as asthma or COPD, you already know how dust can affect you. If there are any items you’re not using, right now is a good time to store them.

  1. Get better sleep.

Did you know that stress directly affects your quality of sleep? You may come to find that when your stress decreases, you’re able to sleep more soundly.

Clutter can increase our stress. If you would describe your home as “cluttered” or “messy,” your cortisol (the stress hormone) levels may be higher than normal. If your cortisol is at an increased level for too long, it can affect your eating habits, your sleep, and your overall wellness. A quick way to help get your stress down and get better sleep is to declutter your home.

  1. Increase concentration.

As the items laying around your home decrease, you should notice you have an easier time concentrating. One study from the Princeton Neuroscience Institution suggests that clutter can be distracting — something particularly important for those of us working from home during this season. One of the benefits of decluttering for good health is the return of concentration and therefore a boost in productivity.

  1. Declutter for better eating habits.

It’s easy to reach for comfort foods like potato chips and breads when you’re feeling stressed. When we overload on carb-heavy and starchy foods, it can lead to weight gain which affects our health in many different ways. Clean up the clutter to help decrease your stress, and you may just find yourself grabbing a piece of fruit instead of the potato chips.

  1. Relieve the stress of financial pressure.

The last decluttering tip is when you go through the decluttering process, think about how these items made their way into your home. How many of these belongings did you really use? Many of us buy products on impulse, and we don’t use an item more than a few times, if at all. Now is the time to start thinking about your purchasing habits. When your home is clean of all clutter, you may want to think about the items you bring into it in the future. The fewer belongings you add, the more your wallet will thank you, and you’ll see your credit card statements quickly drop.

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