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Fun Indoor Activities for Families

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Little in life is better than fun in the sun, but sometimes we’re forced indoors. It’s easy to experience cabin fever when you’re stuck inside for too long, especially if you have little ones that get distracted easily. That’s why it’s important to always have a few fun activities up your sleeve. We’ve compiled a list of our favorite fun indoor family activities below to stave off the indoors blues.

Indoor Family Activities to Fight Cabin Fever

  1. Family movie night. This is an inexpensive activity that is always a hit for the whole family — especially if you pick a movie that you already have. For a little extra fun, pop some popcorn kernels and have everyone choose their own topping!
  2. Board games. For less screen time, a board game night is a less digital option. Finding a game that everyone enjoys might be a little more difficult, but that just means multiple games for longer entertainment.
  3. Baking. This activity has double the benefits: not only do you get to kill some time by mixing and baking your favorite treat, but you also get to enjoy the benefits of eating the treats after!
  4. Cooking. While your treats are baking and you already have a mess in the kitchen, why not whip up a meal together? Try making something new and get everyone involved.
  5. Read a book together. Even if you have young kids, you don’t have to read a picture-book together. Pick up something fun like Harry Potter or Charlotte’s web and play-round robin, giving everyone a chance to read a paragraph or two — bonus points for giving each character their own voice!
  6. Charades. This game is a great way to let the kids expend some energy while letting the adults soak it up.
  7. Do a science experiment. Thanks to the internet, you can now find many different experiments to do at home with ingredients you already have on hand like slime.
  8. Write letters. Now that we have the technology to communicate instantly, things like handwritten letters have gone by the wayside. Revitalize handwritten letters with some construction paper and crayons.
  9. Watercoloring. Break out the paints and paper and let your creativity flow. This may sound like a fun indoor activity for kids only, but there’s no reason adults can’t pick up some paints, too!
  10. Blanket fort. This is another activity that sounds like it’s kids-only, but now is the time to let your inner-child out! Use every blanket in the house and see how big you can make the fort. Then grab some pillows to sit on and eat your lunch inside the fort while admiring your handiwork.

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