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Picking a Self Storage Unit

Adult opening an interior storage unit door by padlock.

If you need extra room around your house or are looking for an off-site place to store business supplies/inventory, there are a lot of different types of self storage facilities across the United States. But with a mix of newer state-of-the-art complexes and older drive-up only locations, how do you know which self storage facility is the best one for your needs? When you’re researching storage unit rentals, here are six things to consider:

6 Considerations in Choosing a Self Storage Unit to Fit Your Needs

  1. Location. Here are a few questions to ask yourself before you begin your search: Is there self storage  near me? How often will I need the items I have in storage? Do I need storage for business or personal items? How often and what types of items you need to retrieve could determine  if it’s more important for your home or business to be closer to your storage facility.  
  2. What you’re storing.: What items you need to store plays a key role in figuring out what type of storage you’ll need. If you’re storing collectibles, antiques, electronics, paper documents or some furniture, it would be better to rent a climate controlled  storage unit. If you’re storing cars, boats or RVs, the storage facility you pick should have room for these types of items.
  3. How much you have to store. Picking the right size of storage unit is also very important. If you’re a business storing sample products or documents, a smaller 5’x5’ unit would probably work the best for you. It’s more cost-efficient to fully pack a smaller unit than to rent a larger unit and waste the storage space! If you’re looking for storage for large furniture or appliances, of course you’ll need a larger storage unit.  
  4. Security. Obviously, you want to protect your stored belongings. Most self storage facilities  offer keypad access and sturdy locks as part of their rental agreements. Beyond that, consider the neighborhood where the facility is located, and see if the facility is well lit and gated, and if it looks clean and well maintained. Want more peace of mind? Look for  added security measures, such as video surveillance and digital recording, or perhaps even a residential manager who lives at the facility.
  5. Access. What are the access hours to your storage unit? Some facilities offer 24/7 storage unit access. Other facilities offer access for most of the day or only during office hours. There’s nothing more frustrating than not being able to get to your storage when you need to, so look for a facility that matches your schedule.
  6. The contract. What are your rental terms? Do you need a long-term rental or month-to-month rentals? Check with the storage facility to see what they offer. Also, check your agreement for terms for delinquent payments, move in/out information.

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