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How to Pack Dishes and Glasses

Dishes wrapped up in a box

If you are looking for tips for packing up dishes, you are likely either in the process of moving or recently upgraded dishes and are looking to pack the old ones away. In order to keep your dishes from breaking, it is important that the dishes are packed and moved correctly. Interested in learning more? Keep reading this blog for essential tips for moving and storing dishes!

6 Tips for Packing Dishes

  1. Ensure the dishes are clean: Before putting the dishes into storage, it is essential to ensure they are completely clean. Run all of the dishes through the dishwasher or hand wash them until each dish is clean with no food residue leftover.
  2. Reinforce boxes: After spending time loading and packing the boxes, the last thing you want is for the dishes to come falling out the bottom. If your boxes aren’t new, tape the corners of the boxes to reinforce them and apply an extra layer of tape to the seams of the box.
  3. Add a soft bed of padding to the bottom of the box: Before putting any dishes in the box, add crumpled up paper to the bottom of the box for padding. Crumpled up paper will help to absorb shock in the case that the boxes are jostled around or bumped.
  4. Always roll when packing glasses: When packing up glasses, place the glass horizontal on a piece of packing paper and roll the glass into the paper. Once the paper has been rolled around the glass, tuck the edges of the paper inside of the glass to secure it together.
  5. Pack largest, heaviest items first: When adding dishes into the boxes, always put the largest, heaviest pieces in first. This will prevent the more fragile dishes from getting crushed and cracked.
  6. Pad the top of the box: When filling the boxes, load dishes until there’s only about 3 inches of space from the top of the dishes to the top of the box. Next, add an additional layer of crumpled up packing paper to the top of the box to pad the dishes. When boxes are loaded into a moving truck, they are usually stacked. Packing the boxes full and then adding an additional layer of padding will prevent the boxes from compressing and damaging the fragile dishes inside.

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