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A Plant Lover’s Guide to Self Storage

Close-up of houseplants on a wooden shelf, including a fern, palm, philodendron, succulent, and monstera in the sunlight.

Plant lovers and botany enthusiasts understand the delight of coming home to a lush green space. Indoor jungles, wall-mounted terrariums, and hanging houseplants have become the pièce de résistance in contemporary décor, incorporating nature into our personal spaces in ways that refresh and energize.

But with this botanical splendor comes the challenge of storage. Where do the pots go once repotting is done? How do we manage seasonal plants without overcrowding our homes?

Self storage could be the secret weapon for green-thumbed homeowners or apartment dwellers who want a harmonious living environment. Stick with us as we unearth a plant lover’s guide to using self storage to cultivate your plants and living space in perfect synergy.

Streamlining Your Plant Parenting

Plant parenting can occasionally veer into a significant collection that soon takes over every surface and windowsill. It starts with a small potted succulent here or a hanging basket fern there, and before you know it, your green, leafy housemates are processing the very oxygen you breathe. Self storage offers a pragmatic solution for the enthusiastic plant collector looking to streamline their collection without sacrificing variety or space at home.

Utilizing Self Storage for Gardening Tools

Starting with a modest collection of tools, gear, and implements is the start of many gardening journeys. But as green fingers dig deeper into the soil, storage space becomes a precious commodity. Whether you trade on the bounty of your own backyard or balcony, a self storage unit can house your seasonal garden gear in the offseason.

The Tool Shed Storage Dilemma

  • Vertically viable. Store tools against the walls to free up floor space and allow easier access to items you need throughout the year. Utilize hooks and wall-mounted holders for rakes, brooms, shovels, and more.
  • Protection against the elements. The elements, like water and earth, can significantly reduce the life of your garden tools without proper care and storage. A climate-controlled storage unit ensures they’re in top condition when you need them again.
  • Organize and label. Use racks and shelves to organize smaller tools and label storage containers for seeds, gloves, and potting mix. This simple step can save time and frustration when spring arrives.

Maximizing Your Garden Storage

  • Collapsible furniture. Consider using foldable or collapsible furniture, such as workbenches and potting tables. They’re easier to store and can save space in your storage unit.
  • Clean and dry. Before storing, ensure all your tools are thoroughly cleaned and dried off to prevent rust or mold growth. Damp tools can quickly become a breeding ground for problems.
  • Invest in durable storage solutions. Purchase waterproof and pest-proof containers or add a small enclosed shed for your unit. This extra protection will keep your tools and potting soil safe and ready for action.
Close-up of empty ceramic flower pots for planting.

Pots for Houseplants and the House for Your Pots

For those with a penchant for houseplants, this section speaks to the mutual support you and your pots provide each other. Self storage units are versatile spaces that can act as an extension of your home, providing shelter for your excess pots and containers while keeping your living area clutter-free.

The Pot Problem

  • Rotating aesthetic. Switching up your pots can breathe fresh life into your living space. A storage unit can house the unused ones to keep the peace at home without parting with any.
  • Preservation of the pots. Valuable or breakable pots may not fare well underfoot in an active home. Store them safely until they’re ready to retake center stage.
  • Store pots clean and secure. Use racks and shelving units to keep your pots and oversized containers ready. Ensure the insides are clean and free of plant residue before stowing away.

Choosing the Right Storage for Your Pots

  • Size matters. Choose storage to accommodate the larger pots, and remember to prioritize having a clear walking space.
  • Lighting needs. Even if pots are stored away, light is crucial. Transparent storage solutions or labeled bins that can easily be checked on aid in maintaining your plant collection’s health.
  • Unsoiled spaces. If you plan to utilize a storage unit as a potting station, ensure it is clean and free from residual soil, pests, or chemicals to avoid cross-contamination with your plants.
Portrait of a smiling woman holding a plant in a ceramic pot.

Developing a Clutter-Free Living Space

Indoor gardening has boomed in recent years, primarily due to its therapeutic value and the aesthetics it brings to our homes. However, accumulating plant products, pots, soil, and fertilizers can quickly lead to a cluttered environment. Self storage presents a unique opportunity for a beautifully curated home while benefiting from a green-filled life.

Peace in Minimalism

  • Reserved for maturity. Anticipating your plants’ growth and planning for mature size can keep your home in order in the long term. Store related items, like larger pots, until they’re needed.
  • Plant parenthood turnover. Introduce a temporary mindset to your plant care collection, encouraging regular assessments of what tools and care items you must keep at home.
  • Special occasion storage. During events when you need extra space for dining or hosting, temporarily relocate excess plant-related items to your storage unit.

The Aesthetics of Space

  • Apartment ambience. Creating an indoor or balcony garden may not be viable for apartment dwellers. A storage unit can be a safe and accessible secondary location for excess plant care collection.
  • Creative containers. Use your storage unit to keep a rotation of decorative plant containers for seasonal displays, preventing décor fatigue with your plant displays.
  • Efficiency is elegance. Efficiency brings an uncluttered refinement to your home. Keeping only what you need in your immediate surroundings contributes to a serene environment.

Making Self Storage Work for You and Your Plants

Self storage units are about flexibility—an extension of your living space designed to cater to life’s changes and demands. When merged with a love for plants, storage becomes a dedicated space for the tools, pots, and supplies that keep your green friends fed and flourishing.

For plant enthusiasts, clutter is a challenge that constantly evolves as collections grow and change. Self storage provides room for storing items that can lead to clutter, serving a purpose suited to those who wish to curate and manage their indoor jungles with the precision of a botanist.

Your self storage unit is a space to strategize and store as a plant lover, ensuring that your slice of the great outdoors always has a cozy corner within its four walls. Rent a storage unit online from Self Storage Plus and find the balance between your home life and plant care today! Explore our storage blog for helpful information.

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