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Scheduling Apps for the Holidays — and After

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Don’t let your busy calendar and growing to-do lists overwhelm you this season — we’re here to help clear some of the chaos by introducing you to our favorite time management apps (many of them free!) Learn more about our recommendations below to help keep your schedule in order, no matter where you are, with just a few clicks.


This is the year you finally get to stop juggling multiple calendars to keep your family organized. Not only will this scheduling app keep everyone’s plans tracked in one account, but it can also share task lists, such as shopping and chores. Even better, it’s free! Stop juggling multiple calendars and get your whole family organized with Cozi.


There are many reasons why this mobile app remains incredibly popular, but here are just a few of our favorites: the ability to add priority levels to your tasks, delegate to others in shared projects, and connect to other apps you already use (like Amazon Alexa and Dropbox). To organize it all, sign up for Todoist.


Imagine your alarm clock, complete with a snooze button — only for tasks. A great advantage of this task manager app (specifically designed for iPhones and iPads) is that it can also send reminders to your friends or coworkers, so you’re helping everyone stay on track with important plans. To track your projects and never forget anything again, download Due here.

Alan Mind

While it may seem like the last thing you have time for, self care is never more important than during the busy holiday season. Alan Mind, a mindfulness journal within a mobile app, makes it easy to squeeze in some techniques for increasing happiness while you’re out and about. Try Alan Mind for free here.


Besides having a catchy name that’s easy to remember, TickTick is a free app that can synchronize task list assets across android, iOS and web platforms. You can even set up location-based reminders, to be sent when you arrive at or leave from your destination. Install TickTick here.


For those who work best visually, Clear Todos is a beautiful way to declutter. You can drag and drop tasks to different to-do lists, and explore different themes to color code your priorities and more. While it may not shorten your task list, it makes it more fun to look at, and that helps with motivation! Preview Clear Todos in the Mac App Store here.


Our holiday list of best scheduling apps wouldn’t be complete without an app that gives back. Forest is a productivity app that helps you stay focused like never before — by planting a real tree on earth for every user. See your tree turn into a forest the longer you stay on task! Plant Forest on your phone here.

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