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The Best Apps for Moving

A young woman using a moving app while packing.

With all the free apps now available to help make the process easier, there’s never been a better time to move. And to make it easy to find these apps, we’ve created a reference this list of recommended moving organization apps to simplify every stage, from creating a moving checklist to enjoying a stress-free moving day.

Top 5 Free Apps For Moving That Are Worth Paying For

Worry not, Homebuyer. If it’s part of your move, you can rest assured there’s probably an app to streamline the process for you. But it shouldn’t be an added expense to download these apps! To help get you started on your upcoming move, we’ve made a list of the 5 best free apps to help you through the moving process. Note: All apps featured below are free to download and use. Those offering items or services charge only when you order through the app.

  1. Google Keep: Going beyond your basic list-creating app (a must-have for anyone planning a move), this moving checklist app is full of features but still masters the art of keeping it simple. With Google Keep, you can organize your lists, search and record voice notes or add photos, plus sync across all your devices.
  2. Moved: There are plenty of apps for moving services, but this one connects you with a live personal moving organizer assistant whom you can contact along the way. After identifying where you need assistance, you’re able to message your assistant to help you handle everything from forwarding mail to ordering packing supplies.
  3. Handy: The last thing you want to do when moving is clean, and with Handy you can eliminate it from your moving checklist. Schedule a cleaning after you move out or before you move in, with vetted professionals. (As the name implies, Handy employees can also perform other handyman tasks such as hanging pictures or putting furniture together.)
  4. OfferUp: How many times have you moved, been left with items you no longer want, and have zero energy to sell them? Meet OfferUp, the nation’s largest mobile marketplace for buying and selling goods locally. Simply take photos of an item you no longer want, describe it, and set the price. Verified users message you to make an offer, arrange to meet and retrieve your item. (Listings are free but you can pay to “boost” your listings and attract more buyers.)
  5. Move Advisor: Combining a moving organization app with a moving checklist app, Move Advisor offers four tools to get you through your move:  a week-by-week moving checklist (Moving Timeline), a home inventory tool (Home Inventory) so you know where things are and what to unpack when, a moving locator (Movers Around You) and a moving quote tool (Get a Moving Quote).

Our Runner-Up Apps for Moving

Also free, but designed for more specific tasks and needs, the following moving organization apps are too good not to include in this blog post. Reference these when making your moving checklist to ensure no task is left undone!

  • Magicplan: Before deciding what stays in your home inventory, you need to know what goes in your new space and where. Use Magicplan’s over 1,000 objects to play around in the plans and finalize the best arrangement for your furniture, electronics and even plumbing.
  • Dolly: Ideal for moves you’re handling yourself, or small apartment moves in major cities when you don’t have a vehicle, Dolly can assist with donations, storage moves, junk removal and more.
  • Unpakt: Simplify the moving company search to help you secure the best rate without the headache. Unpakt will do all the comparison shopping  for you, then you can contact the mover you choose directly from the app.

Make Moving Day a Breeze with Self Storage Plus

Along with apps for moving, another way to make the moving process easier is to plan ahead for the transition period, when you’re in between homes. At Self Storage Plus, we can help you get from one  address to the next seamlessly, with a wide range of climate controlled storage units available and detailed moving checklist tips so you don’t forget a thing.

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