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Tips for Couples Moving in Together

A young couple unpacking boxes in their new shared home

You’re taken the next step in your relationship: moving in together. Maybe you just celebrated your wedding and are starting your first year of marriage, or perhaps this is the next logical move in the journey. Living with a significant other and building a home together is a milestone, but it can also come with plenty of stress. So we’ve assembled a tips for couples moving in together checklist to help set you on the right path.

5 Tips for Couples Moving in Together

  1. Before you start moving furniture, take an inventory.

If you’ve both lived on your own before, you’re likely to have some duplicate items: chairs, dining sets, blenders, dinner plates, and so forth. Sit down with your significant other before you move and list out everything you own by category. Compare the duplicates and decide which items to keep and which items should go.

  1. Figure out what to keep and what to get rid of.

This part of the process can with high emotions, especially if there are memories attached to items. Remember to communicate with your significant other as you decide what to keep, what to get rid of and what to put into storage. It may help to think of this as spring cleaning for your old homes separately and your new home together.

  1. Make compromises.

This new home is a shared space – it shouldn’t feel or look like it belongs to just one of you. Do your best to see your partner’s side when he or she feels strongly about an item. When all the sorting is through, you get to share a home with your best friend, and that’s what matters.

  1. Realize that you might need some upgrades.

If you compare duplicate items and neither seems right to keep, it may be time to ditch both and consider something new. Sometimes it might make sense to throw away or donate an item that doesn’t fit into your new life together, and that’s okay. In fact, picking out a new couch or dinner set together can help your home feel a shared, cohesive space.

  1. Consider the space.

Once you have your items picked out that you’re keeping, you’ll want to look at how much space is available in your new apartment. If your new place is a one-bedroom apartment, you may not have the square-footage for the 3-part sectional you wanted to bring. When you have items that will not fit but you want to keep for a larger space down the road, a self-storage unit may be the answer.

Make Space In Your New Home with a Storage Unit Rental

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