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Relocation and Deployment: Storage Solutions for Military Families

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If you are preparing for deployment or being stationed somewhere new, this military storage blog is for you. The military is one of the largest communities to utilize self storage. Active military members must constantly adapt to new environments without much warning. Instead of scrambling to figure out how to move all your belongings across the country or overseas, plan ahead with a storage unit.

Worry-Free Military Relocation Storage

A reliable storage facility is paramount, whether you’re deploying or relocating. Without it, keeping valuables secure and protected from damage while away from home can be a challenge. It is also helpful to have a storage space in new and temporary locations to ensure you always have a place to put your belongings, no matter your living situation.

Secure Storage For Military Families

Wherever life takes you, you and your family should protect possessions inside secure storage. A good storage facility will ensure you keep your peace of mind halfway across the world or a state or two away with these basic security features:

  • 24/7 video recording. You can’t afford half-measured security. If your storage unit isn’t monitored by video cameras, you could find a more secure option.
  • Fully fenced storage facility. Exclusive access to your storage facility will help keep your personal valuables securely tucked away.
  • Gate code access. For optimal storage security, keep your military items protected behind a gate that requires a unique access code for entrance.

Protect Household Goods While Deployed

If you’re away from home for an extended period like many military members are, climate-controlled self storage is a perfect solution to protect your household goods from damage. Furniture, artwork, glassware, sports supplies, and more can easily fit inside a storage unit with adaptable temperatures to protect from various weather conditions. Free up a room or a whole house and preserve those precious items inside a climate-controlled storage unit.

Military helmet and other gear sitting on shelves.

Specialty Storage for Active Military and Veterans

Use a unit size guide to determine which storage unit will best suit your needs. Smaller options, like a 5×5 storage unit, are ideal for military uniforms, awards, equipment, and more[JL1] . For those with smaller items or personal valuables, our locker units offer a compact and secure storage solution, perfect for easy and frequent access. A 10×10 storage unit is optimal if you’re moving out of a one-bedroom apartment or need additional space for major appliances. Larger storage sizes like 10×15 and 10×30 are premium for military members being deployed or stationed far away. We discuss those more in detail below.

Large Storage Units for Wherever Military Life Takes You

If you’re being relocated and don’t plan to keep the house you’re currently living in, find a storage unit big enough to fit all your items in one space. Some typical larger-sized units could look like this:

  • 10×15. This size is great for military members moving out of a two-bedroom apartment or house.
  • 10:20. This unit size is ideal if you have a three-bedroom home and need plenty of storage space.
  • 10×30. Four- or five-bedroom households are encouraged to rent this storage unit size, which can hold almost anything, including small cars and large appliances.

Types of Storage Units Perfect for Military Needs

  • Drive-up storage. Save the heavy lifting for your day job. Drive-up storage is convenient for military members with many items to unload. Pull your vehicle or trailer up to your storage unit and unpack.
  • Climate-controlled storage. Perfect for extended time away, climate-controlled storage units provide protection. If you don’t want to hike up your home’s utility bill to protect items from damage, heated and air-conditioned storage have you covered.
  • Rent and pay online. Making payments online is important for those in unpredictable professions. Renting storage online will give you a seamless experience as you approach deployment.
  • Month-to-month offerings. Short-term self storage contracts are much more suitable for the military than long-term solutions. Month-to-month storage leases are perfect if you need to change or end your storage rental at anytime.
Military member hugs child upon return home.

Self Storage for Prized Possessions

Vehicles, military awards, and other fragile items should be stored in climate-controlled storage with plenty of security features.

Storage for Military Awards and Medals

Do you need a secure place to store your Medal of Honor or Purple Heart? Self storage is a great solution for keeping these precious possessions out of harm’s way. You’ll feel good knowing these irreplaceable items are protected behind climate-controlled storage and a fully fenced facility.

Car Storage for Extended Time Away From Home

Find the right place for vehicle storage before deploying overseas. Secure storage for cars and motorcycles should have some basic guidelines. Is your vehicle small enough to fit inside a large storage unit? That would be ideal, but if not, does your outdoor vehicle storage provide peace of mind by requiring a gate code to access and round-the-clock video recording? Those are some things to keep in mind to ensure your car or motorcycle’s protection while in storage.

Get Storage Units With Military Discount at Self Storage Plus

We are the self storage answer for men and women serving in the United States Armed Forces. Self Storage Plus will fulfill your storage needs and provide you with peace of mind so you can focus on more important duties.

You can find Self Storage Plus facilities throughout military-rich areas like Washington, DC, Baltimore, Virginia, and beyond. Our Arlington Self Storage facility is an easy drive for those at Fort Lesley J. McNair. Additionally, Fort Meade has Gambrills Self Storage nearby.

Wherever you’re based, check if we’re in your area and rent with us by calling, emailing, or filling out a contact form today! Have a question others may have already asked? Look over our FAQ page to find out more.

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