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Living a Minimalistic Lifestyle With Self Storage

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Detach from objects, clear your home, and clear your mind—minimalism is a way of life. If you’re curious about the minimalist lifestyle, this is a great place to start. Find peace when you remove the unnecessary things from your life and put them in a self storage unit. You don’t have to get rid of material things all at once, and storage facilities are a great way to detach from something without letting it go forever.

Minimalist Living: Simplify Your Living Space

Free your mind by simplifying your home and relying less on objects to liven up a room. Appreciate the aesthetic of organized counters and nothing but essentials throughout the house. 

Minimalist Lifestyle Tips

  • Stay organized. If you can’t find what you’re looking for easily, it’s likely time to improve your home organization and put the stuff getting in the way in a storage unit.
  • Quality over quantity. Having a lot is not always better. The quality of your possessions should be a higher priority than the quantity.
  • Dealing with duplicates. If you have two of something that doesn’t require a duplicate—throw one of them out. This principle of minimalism encourages you to only keep what you truly need or value, and to let go of excess. Or better yet, save it for later in a storage unit in case the other one needs to be replaced. 
  • Live in the moment. Don’t let material items distract you from what’s most important, like your family or inner peace. 

Benefits of Fewer Possessions

  • Save money. Owning fewer objects means saving more money. Selling items you don’t see yourself using is also healthy for the bank account. 
  • Reduce stress. Less clutter on counters or couches calms the mind, while more clutter can be distracting and cause anxiety. 
  • Keep clean. Having fewer objects to clean around makes tidying a house streamlined. 

Keep This, Store That

You probably want to keep some essential items around the house. Non-essentials that don’t clutter a room and that you use regularly, like a bookshelf or guitar, are also OK to keep in the house. For anything that isn’t essential but that you value, a storage unit is the perfect solution. For instance, seasonal clothing, holiday decorations, or extra furniture that you might need in the future can all be safely stored in a self storage unit. 

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Don’t Let Go Completely

Sentimental items that are taking up too much space at home make sense in a climate-controlled storage unit. Keep pianos, scrapbooks, awards, and more protected from damage and always available behind 24-hour gated access. This way, you can easily reunite with treasures that don’t fit your minimalist lifestyle, without worrying about it taking up valuable space in your home.

Organize Your Self Storage Unit

Don’t throw off your minimalist journey with a cluttered storage unit. Utilize space organizers like storage bins and shelves to neatly place your belongings. This provides seamless access whenever you open your storage unit, freeing your mind.

Declutter Your Home Today With Self Storage Plus

You’ll want to protect your valuables in a reliable self storage facility. At Self Storage Plus, we ensure secure storage with 24/7 video recording, fully fenced facilities, and gate code access. You can go about your day with confidence, knowing your prized possessions are secure.
Cut the noise and put your extra possessions in our minimalist storage units. Use our unit size guide to help you decide how much storage space you need. You can also begin at our FAQ page and contact us to rent a storage unit today. Learn more storage tips in the Self Storage Plus blog.

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