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Catering and Restaurant Equipment Storage Tips

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From the chafes used to display food, to table napkins and seasonal decorations, it takes a lot of supplies to run a successful restaurant or catering business. But, when these items aren’t being used, where do you store them? In a restaurant, space is money. Any space that’s used for storage takes away from table space. With a storage unit rental, you can store your restaurant or catering supplies close to your business where you can easily reach it.

Restaurant and Catering Storage Uses

Find examples of restaurant and catering supplies that can be stored in a storage unit below.

  • Extra tables and chairs: Depending on the season, you may have fewer or extra tables or chairs set up in your restaurant. During the holiday season, you may have more chairs set up to make room for parties. If there’s a special event, you may have to clear out a few tables and chairs to make room for entertainment. A storage unit rental allows you to be flexible with seating.
  • Seasonal decorations: Many restaurants will celebrate various seasons through decorations. Since these items aren’t up year round, it’s important to have a location to store them during the off-season. A storage unit rental allows restaurants to fully embrace each holiday while not cluttering the restaurant with decorations once the season is over.
  • Inventory: During the busy season, you may need more dinnerware, glasses, napkins and more than you need when it’s not the busy season. A storage unit rental allows you to stay flexible with the seasonality, while still having enough dinnerware for everyone.

How to Store Catering and Restaurant Supplies

It’s important to properly store your restaurant and catering supplies and inventory to ensure they’re ready to go when you need them.

  • Only store clean and dry items: This tip is very important. If the serving dishes, dinnerware, chairs or tables aren’t clean and dry, don’t store them in a storage unit. Storing an item that’s either dirty or not entirely dry can result in a mold or mildew outbreak in your storage unit.
  • Utilize climate controlled storage: When storing decorations, wooden furniture and more, it’s essential to utilize a climate controlled storage unit. A climate controlled storage unit will help to protect your belongings from any temperature fluctuations.
  • Keep commonly used items towards the front: To minimize the amount of time you have to spend digging through your storage unit, always keep items that are used more often towards the front of your unit. Seasonal items that are only used once a year can be stored closer to the back of your storage unit.

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