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How to Store Halloween Decorations and Costumes for Next Year

There’s nothing more fun than decorating your house with spooky lights, lit up ghosts, plastic pumpkins and more during the Halloween season. But, unfortunately, Halloween doesn’t last forever. And once the season is over, these items must be properly stored to ensure that they are ready for next year. Are you interested in learning tips for storing Halloween costumes and decorations? Read below!

How to Store Halloween Costumes

  • Cleaning masks: Masks can really add an authentic touch to a Halloween costume. But once the season is over, it is essential that they are cleaned and stored properly to keep them in the best shape for the next year. First, clean the mask using soap and water. Allow the mask to completely dry, then sprinkle it with cornstarch to prevent the mask from getting stuck together while in storage.
  • Cleaning a wig: The method of cleaning a wig will depend on how dirty it is. If the wig has grime on it from sticky fingers after eating candy, wash it with shampoo and allow it to fully dry before storage. If the wig appears clean, it can just be brushed and then placed inside of a plastic bag for safe keeping.
  • Cleaning Halloween costumes: Your Halloween costume should include a cleaning information on a tag. If it does not, generally speaking, for most Halloween costumes the same rules apply for cleaning Halloween costumes as apply for cleaning normal clothes. If the costume has been stained, clean the Halloween costume according to the type of stain. Never store a stained costume without cleaning it because the stain will be completely set by the time next Halloween comes around. Once clean, the Halloween costume can be stored inside of a garment bag.

How to Store Halloween Decorations

    • Outdoor Halloween decorations: While there are many different kinds of outdoor decorations, generally the best way to clean them is to get the dirt, grass and other grime off of the decoration using soap and water. If the outdoor decoration is more intricate or deluxe, check the box for further cleaning instructions. Once it is clean, allow the outdoor decoration to dry before storing.
    • Indoor Halloween trinkets: While your indoor Halloween trinkets have likely not taken a beating during the season, it is still essential that they are clean before storage. If you notice any stains, dirt or marks on your indoor Halloween decorations, spot clean they according to the material of the decoration.

Once clean, store your Halloween decorations in plastic bins.

Store Your Halloween Costumes and Decorations with Self Storage Plus

One common problem many homeowners and renters run into is a lack of storage space. Instead of letting seasonal items that are only used once throughout the year clutter the closets, basements and other household storage areas, consider storing these items in a storage unit. This can help to make room for the items that are used every day throughout the year.

Self Storage Plus has storage facilities in the greater Washington, DC and Baltimore areas. For storing temperature sensitive items like Halloween decorations and costumes, we recommend using a climate controlled storage unit. Reserve your storage unit today!

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