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Adventures on the Road: Van Life Storage Tips

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For many people, traveling in a van is more than a hobby—it can also be a lifestyle. But that doesn’t mean all caution can be thrown out the back window. Van life organization will prove to be a vital part of the experience. Yet even when you’re constantly on the go, that doesn’t mean all your items have to, either. A great way to make more space for your travels is by renting self storage.

The best storage unit will provide van lifers with several benefits to help them declutter and gain overall peace of mind. In this blog post, our team at Self Storage Plus will show you how van lifers can utilize self storage for their belongings and vans during the offseason and downtimes.

Why Use Self Storage for Van Life Organization?

When you rent self storage, you enhance more than just your van life—you gain the ability to clear your space. You can also reap the many mental health benefits that come with it. According to WebMD, clutter can cause stress and lead to a decreased sense of focus and motivation. With self storage, you can clear out more space and help resharpen your mind and mood. This is not just exclusive to home.

Since there is such limited room in a van, the room gained with self storage allows you to forget about cramming everything into your vehicle. It gives you a convenient and cost-effective solution for decluttering while preserving the quality of your belongings.

Choosing the Right Storage Unit

With a better understanding of how van lifers can benefit from self storage, it’s time to begin the hunt for the perfect storage unit. However, choosing the proper storage unit will require more thought and consideration than you’d initially think. Let’s examine four significant factors that help determine which storage unit fits your belongings perfectly as you hit the road.

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First, consider the location of your storage unit. Choose a storage facility close to where you live or work. This way, you can swing by your storage unit and grab what you need at your convenience. If you plan to store a vehicle, also consider the proximity of your storage unit to a major road or highway.


Alongside a convenient location, you’ll also want to consider what storage features you want your unit to come with. The proper set of features can help keep your storage unit more secure so that when you’re far away on a road trip, you won’t have to worry about the safety of your belongings. Some essential security features include 24-hour video recording, gated access, and a fenced perimeter around the facility.


The best security features and amenities will also maximize accessibility. Optimal storage facilities will offer at least extended access hours to grab whatever you need and hit the road once more. It shouldn’t be up to the storage unit hours to determine when you start your adventure. Additionally, drive-up access can be beneficial if you plan to store your van or a truckload of items.

Climate-Controlled Storage

Do you plan to store away any items sensitive to extreme temperatures? If so, consider renting out climate-controlled storage. These units are kept within consistent temperature ranges to provide a stable environment year-round and add extra protection for your belongings.

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Van Life Storage Ideas

After you’ve selected your storage unit, it’s time to start moving your items. Yet, to make the most of your storage experience, you’ll want to do more than place a few boxes inside and bolt for the hills. There are several tips and tricks you can utilize not only in your storage unit but also in your van to maximize space and better determine what self storage solution works best for you.

Here are some of our favorite storage hacks for van lifers:

  • Utilize recessed shelving
  • Implement multipurpose furniture
  • Bring along a shoe holder
  • Hang items using 3M hooks
  • Have a folding table handy
  • Consider overhead storage

Vehicle Self Storage

Need a place to store your van during the offseason? Self storage also provides help with that with various vehicle storage solutions. Many storage facilities offer multiple sizes of outdoor and indoor vehicle parking spaces to accommodate varying vehicles. After all, vehicle storage is another way that self storage can help van lifers take a deep breath and relax.

Rent or Reserve the Best Van Storage at Self Storage Plus Today

Are you in need of quality self storage to optimize your van life? Turn to us at Self Storage Plus for all your van storage needs! With countless storage unit sizes to accommodate various item loads, we’ll help keep your belongings secure as you focus your energy on exploring the world around you. To get started on your self storage experience, contact our team online now!

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